The Trend for The Season: Gemstone Studded Gold Bangles

When it comes to jewellery, there is absolutely no stopping the trends. Designers of fine luxury jewellery are bringing out their best to lure the connoisseurs of jewellery and the range being offered is sheer magnificence at its best. Among the various trends that have come up successfully in recent times is that of gemstone studded gold bangles. By giving the precious yellow metal some playful charm with an array of gemstones, designers are bringing this trend to the forefront of fashion. Hazoorilal Jewellers too have some intriguing and exquisite gemstone studded gold bangles that you can explore at their stores or their eshop:

  1. Kadas with pearl and emerald: The beautifully crafted ornate gold kadas with intricate detailing and inlay of emeralds and lustrous pearls is a choice for those who prefer a regal look. This exquisite set of kadas is a must have for flaunting on a bridal look or even for a grand festive celebration.
  2. Zircon and ruby gold bangles: This exquisite set of gold bangles from Hazoorilal gold jewellers in Delhi brings a classic design in an elegant look. Dazzling zircons and rubies are set in a geometric motif in the gold bangle to create a beautiful look that is ideal for wearing with traditional and ethnic outfits.
  3. Gold and onyx bangles: If black is beautiful to you, then explore the beautiful onyx studded Hazoorilal gold bangles. They are delicately crafted with the finest gemstones in a setting and design which is contemporary and can be easily worn for a formal outfit as well as a traditional one.
  4. Antique finish gold and ruby bangles: With an enchanting temple style design, the antique finish gold and ruby bangles from Hazoorilal gold jewellers in India is an apt choice for bridal and festive wear. Its ornate carvings and antique finish lend it an alluring look that makes it the perfect adornment for a rich attire.
  5. Coral and gold openable bangle: The heavy temple style coral and gold openable bangles from Hazoorilal Jewellers are a blend of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary craftsmanship. The openable design of the bangles allows them to be worn and removed with ease, adding to the convenience in the design.
    For the most alluring and enchanting collection of gold jewellery for all occasions, visit the showrooms of Hazoorilal Jewellers.