Discover the Top Bridal Gold Bangles You Can Buy Online in India

There is nothing more charismatic than the appearance of Indian brides in weddings. It is quite difficult to take your eyes off the heavily designed outfit and jewellery that the bride is wearing. When it comes to bridal jewellery, bangles, bracelets, and chuda designs attract the most attention.

There are a wide variety of designs available for these accessories. Some people prefer to buy heavy gold bangles online in India, while others look for simple and sleek gold bangles and bracelets.

So, are you wondering about yours? Keep reading and explore the best options we’ve got in this blog.


When a couple steps into a new phase of life, everyone wishes and praises them for having colourful days ahead. This shows the importance of colour in the outfit and accessories. Given this, you’ve got the option to choose colourfully patterned gold bangles. They are timeless pieces that can be worn in the future with the same elegance.

Stone studded

If you’re planning to buy gold bangles online in India, you must explore the pieces studded with stones. These are popular for adding instant glamour to an outfit. You can also ask the jewellers to customise the piece with your preferred stones.

Braided gold bangles

While imagining a bridal trousseau, you must have thought of adding braided gold bangles. These are distinctively designed and patterned pieces that have a unique appearance. The intricate design perfectly complements a newlywed’s look with interlocking strands.

Screw type bangle

Screw type bangles have the ultimate elegance that you will keep observing over the years. That’s why people prefer gifting this piece to brides so that their wedding days may feature evergreen shine.

Gold plated bracelets

Today, most brides look for gold bracelet designs to wear post-wedding. This is because this lightweight jewellery item adds a charismatic spark to the newlywed look. For some people, it not only helps adorn the woman’s hand but also has importance in their accessorising routine. In addition to this, it can last a lifetime and may be styled with different looks in the future.

Choose the best jewellery store to buy gold bangles online in India

Buying gold jewellery requires key attention to details, price, budget, quality, designs, and more. Aside from this, you need to take care that the collection matches your preferences.

All such concerns can be handled with ease if you connect with a well-established jewellery brand. You can also consider Hazoorilal gold bangles, which feature uniqueness, quality, and purity and are available at the best prices.